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If it affects your business, I can help.

If it affects your business, I can help

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Why every business needs a lawyer

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2023 | Banking And Finance

Business owners in New York face legal difficulties of all different kinds. There are many reasons why a business owner may require the services of an attorney. Most companies require a lot of legal services to stay in operation.

Common business legal issues

A business is itself a legal entity recognized by the state and federal government. As such, businesses are some of the most regulated entities on the planet. While there may be no completely exhaustive list of business legal issues, the list below contains some of the most common:

Business formation and planning

• Contract creation and enforcement

• Litigation risk avoidance and defense

• Intellectual property protection

• Drafting and enforcement of employee policies

• Hiring and firing procedures

• Law and business regulation compliance

• Environmental impact issues

• Mergers and acquisitions

• Business restructuring

Business lawsuits

Of the items on this list, litigation issues are some of the most serious for businesses. There may be certain aspects of your company and business processes that may be creating a litigation risk you are completely unaware of. Correcting those issues can help lower your risk.

An attorney may be able to spot such issues and help you correct them before an issue arises. This is especially important in regard to hiring and firing procedures in which mistakes could result in your company being sued for discrimination or wrongful termination. The same is true for safety hazards in your stores or products that could harm the public. Even having a lawyer on hand during the legal business formation stage is important.

Running a business involves encountering legal issues every single day. Business, after all, is an inherently risky venture. Many of those legal issues will probably require the services of an attorney to properly deal with.