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LLC formation and publication requirements

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2023 | Corporate Litigation

When it comes to business formation, you need to carefully weigh your options and familiarize yourself with the steps you have to take to set up a firm successfully. If you have decided to establish a limited liability company (LLC), you need to review various requirements, such as tax issues and selecting a name. In addition, you should familiarize yourself with publication requirements.

Failing to abide by the law with respect to publication requirements could prevent your LLC from conducting business, which highlights how crucial it is to understand all of your obligations when forming an LLC.

An overview of publication requirements for LLCs

New York’s Department of State provides information on publication requirements for LLCs. The Department reports that according to the law, you must submit a notice or your LLC’s articles of organization to two different newspapers for publication over the course of six weeks. You must make sure that the county clerk in the county of your firm’s office has designated the newspapers.

The information you provide in the notice must match Department of State records and you will have to pay a publication fee.

Steps to take after you publish a notice for your LLC

After publication, each newspaper publisher will give you an affidavit. Next, you have to send these affidavits and a completed Certificate of Publication to the Department of State, which charges a filing fee of $50. If the Department of State does not get your Certificate of Publication in 120 days, they will suspend your LLC’s ability to conduct business.

It is vital to go over publication requirements and other important matters carefully to avoid complications during the process of forming an LLC.