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What are problems you can cover with contingency funds?

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2023 | Commercial Real Estate

Buying or investing in a commercial property can be rewarding for your business. Still, it is possible your investment may not turn out as you hope. Problems can even arise during the initial stages of purchasing the property. This is why having a cost contingency fund can help.

The Motley Fool explains that a cost contingency fund is extra money that entrepreneurs add to their property acquisition funds. In the event you encounter issues that cost you more money than you had planned, your contingency funds can cover you.

Timeline delays

It is hard to keep a timeline to buy commercial property on schedule. Construction timelines can experience different setbacks, including weather problems, delivery of defective materials and problems with construction labor. Delays could also stem from the due diligence of the property or building inspections. Any of these events may require additional capital to put the schedule back on track.

Building improvements

Even if the property is not what you expect, you might want to invest in the property anyway. You may hope that with some improvements, the property will generate profits according to your expectations. Contingency funds may cover repairs, renovations or adding new structures depending on how much money you set aside.


If your new property does not generate the profits you hope for, you could end up with a significant amount of debt. This may also happen if your construction or renovation costs skyrocket. Cost contingency funds may help you weather a bad financial period until your property is able to provide a steady cash flow.

Given the complexities of buying commercial property, having fallback options can be crucial if you want to make your investment a success.