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Effective Creative Solutions For Business

I offer business owners a practical approach that avoids or prevents litigation whenever possible and actively seeks out the solutions that lead to the best strategic outcomes.

As founder of McDonough PLLC, I draw on my extensive business experience in developing and executing strategies that work for your business. My experience in corporate transactions means I know that these issues demand a profound understanding of the law and its exigent standards. My purview includes dealing with internal governance issues and the lawsuits that accompany them. I regularly counsel directors, officers and other fiduciaries on their responsibilities. I have the tested and proven ability to defend them if litigation arises.

Solid Advice That Saves Time And Money

In advisory matters, I assess the factual, legal and logistical complexities of each issue. I evaluate the structures and provisions of the deal so as to foresee obstacles and then work to circumvent any potential litigation. Should lawsuits ever threaten the deal, I am skilled at resolving them.

I represent clients in every sort of business. I am prepared to go up against corporate legal departments and can readily assess when a company is ill-prepared for litigation. My clients’ legal needs are many and varied. I stand ready to address all of the issues: from the most complex to the everyday tasks that are needed to run your business.

As the principal of McDonough PLLC, I will help your business where and when you need counsel, and work in the capacity you need: primary or sole. By virtue of operating my own practice, I have the agility and flexibility that allow me to, when necessary, collaborate strategically with other jurisdiction’s lead counsel. In labor and employment matters, my approach incorporates a wider view of the issues: financial, business and human. My transactional counsel includes the implications of all possible scenarios, including the tax impact.

Extensive Experience In Corporate Law

My years of dealings with developers, lenders and regulators mean I understand the process and what is key in keeping a project moving forward. I offer solid advice on tax and transaction structuring as well as estate planning, trust and gift tax advice to anyone running a business.

I have experience with a wide variety of issues, including:

  • Asset preservation
  • Banks and lending institutions
  • Business divorce
  • Business transactions
  • Commercial real estate transactions
  • Business formation and governance
  • Internal investigations
  • Labor and employment
  • Legal opinions
  • Litigation strategy and monitoring
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Secured transactions
  • Zoning and land use

When you are ready to move toward a solution, get in touch.

Maximize Your Understanding Of Issues And Options

I offer experienced, accessible legal advice for business owners, corporations and individuals. To better understand your issue and your options, call or email to set up a meeting. Call 631-350-9292 or send a website connection email so that I can be in touch with you.