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Tax Law Representation From A Trusted Attorney

There are fewer things more important to an individual or a business than staying on the right side of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as well as state and local tax authorities. Tax issues have a tendency to haunt those who have them, and there is no way to run away from them. Prevention is the best solution but, if you face an audit or litigation, the best thing you can do is put an experienced tax attorney on your side.

A Robust Tax Practice For Long Island Businesses, Individuals And Families

At McDonough PLLC, I provide Nassau County businesses, individuals and families with one-on-one service and representation for all types of tax issues. You can rely on me for everything, from tax advice to litigating tax controversies. This includes:

  • State and local taxes
  • Business, investment and transactional taxes
  • Estate planning to maximize tax advantages
  • Tax certiorari cases
  • Tax crimes defense
  • Tax litigation

I understand the character of my clients’ transactions as well as their businesses. I strive to accomplish my clients’ business goals by partnering with them as part of their team. My firm’s clients rely on me to deliver creative, visionary and productive solutions on nearly every type of tax issue. My clients know that they can rely on me to always be on the lookout for these solutions, offering experienced representation and real-time advice that takes current tax developments into account. I offer a profound understanding of how the complex and constantly changing nature of tax law impacts corporate transactions, restructurings and the many other commercial issues that my business clients face.

Find The Solution That Fits Your Needs

I look forward to helping you find advantageous solutions to your personal and business tax issues. Call 631-350-9292 or email me to schedule a consultation.